I have no clue after Mains, what to do for Advanced so that I can be an IITian after August 2017!


Now that the anxieties over JEE Mains seem to subside to a large extent, let us look at a realistic plan of giving a best shot at Advance in May.

Before you go onto the remainder of this post, I would like to emphasize of one very important point here- If Physics decides whether you will crack Advance or not, Chemistry will decide what rank you will get!!

After the Mains, we suddenly start seeing some of our friends pondering with big reference books discussing about cross Organic reactions to 3D problems in rotational motion etc.,!! This definitely scares the hell out of a lot of us. First thing that we need to do is just forget about them. Here is my first mantra to the students.

1. Just think its you and only you: While seriously beginning JEE Advance preparation after Mains, just think only you are going to write this test and its up to you to see how much high you can score in this exam. Never even bother about the drama that is unfolding around you!!

2. Begin with a mock Advance paper: Take your time at home or institution and go through one mock paper ( both paper 1 and 2) within stipulated time. Look at scores but of course more importantly go through the solutions in detail to assess the gaps- Subject gaps, numeral abilities gaps, application level gaps. Don’t forget to pat yourself for the good work done in this paper!

3. Understand that Advance is about to what extent you can go: No matter how much ever you scored in the mock test, you will always have a chance to make it to big league if you work on right track.

4. Begin with scoring topics:


Thermodynamics, Properties of solids, liquids and gases, Waves and Oscillations, Optics, Modern Physics, Electrostatics, Current electricity and magnetism part.

Don’t forget that mechanics application can come everywhere!!


Marks wise split up of 2016 paper- Physical (37%), Inorganic ( 34%) and Organic ( 29%)

Equilibrium, Electro-chemistry, d& f block, Basic principles of organic chemistry, Chemical bonding, thermodynamics and states of matter, practical chemistry (organic & inorganic), carbohydrates,carboxylic acid derivatives and polymers.


Calculus, Trigonometry and Algebra (These three topics would cover 40-50% stuff)

Make a plan in such a way that in first 10 days, you will cover the scoring topics. Don’t read first. Take up chapter wise past year questions book and/or CONCEPTREE’s Advance Rankers pack to solve problems. While solving problems, for any conceptual clarity and application gaps refer to CONCEPTREE Material/ Rank Booster Kits/ NCERT.

For further clarity and reference, you may use:

HC Verma or DC Pandey for Physics.

TMH or Das Gupta for Mathematics.

Numerical chemistry (Bahadur), J D Lee ( Inorganic), M &B (Organic).

You may even refer to other reference books that you would have for the specific review.

While you are doing the coverage of these topics, refrain from quick helps like trainer support. Spend more time by self or peer discussion.

Each topic/chapter make a record of critical areas/mistakes that you are probable to make.

4. 10 day check: After the 10 day period, go for three consecutive days of Paper1 and Paper 2 model tests so that you could assess how the progress has happened. Don’t forget to review the solutions fully after every test.

Analyse the urgency that is needed in your preparation for the next week. Before you start off on the next week’s journey take a day break and relax!!

5. 7 day marathon: 7 days to cover the remaining chapters- don’t worry take only that much you can swallow. But this deadline is sacrosanct.

After you finish this marathon, you will probably be left with couple of pending topics ( if not three cheers!). We will see about it in the next leg. For now lets just go for one day of final mock exam ( paper 1 and paper 2).

Review the paper, understand the gaps. you may feel if there is at least three days time to cover the gaps and review the performance could have been better. World is not so unfair! Take those three days now:)

Spend next three days for review of topics/gaps.

Then take another test. This test broadly summarizes how we are progressing.

We are probably done with 26 days now?

Bdw, you would get Mains results by now. If good, take some morale boost, if not satisfied use it to rub your ego.

6. Killer Phase: Take a day break before you start the killer Phase. Start with every alternative day exam model. Use evenings/nights and day gaps to review solutions and pending topics. For review go through the past years again and again.

Some institutions like CONCEPTREE might offer cross topics question banks by now. Do solve them. Continue this till three days before Advance (Day 0)

Last three days, just review all that you did and importantly the critical areas/gaps that you identified throughout this practice part.

Go for the kill on Day 0. I am waiting to see you add IITian title soon!!

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CONCEPTREE Forum Team comprises of Senior Management at CONCEPTREE Learning along with Senior Faculties and Academic Counselors.

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