KVPY-Answer to Why a Student Need to stay in touch with 9th and 10th Mathematics & Science after 10th Examinations

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I am not sure how much eligible I am to talk about this but nevertheless I would like to share my thoughts on why to study in summer after 10th. To be honest, I didn’t do much during my summer holidays after 10th. But I somehow felt that I should have for various reasons and here is one very compelling reason- KVPY.
This is the first part of two-part Cracking KVPY SA 2017 Series, where I am going to share tips and tricks to students for KVPY SA 2017 written examination along with the idea of utilizing summer (partially!!) for achieving this goal.
KVPY Exam (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) will be held somewhere in November, 2017. The badge of being a KVPY Scholar is a prestigious one and it provides direct admission to top institutes like IISc and the various IISERs.
KVPY exam is at par with the IIT Entrance when it comes to the difficulty level. But the difference will be here the questions would not have so much of numerical rigor at least for the SA level.
Before I go into the subject-wise analysis, it’s advisable that you should make yourself more or less equally adept at all the four subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology).
You have to keep in mind that all the four subjects are equally important and if you neglect anyone of them, you can kiss a goodbye to your hopes of cracking the KVPY SA exam.

Subject-Wise Analysis


Important topics are Mechanics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetism.
Ray Optics and Electromagnetism is not there in XI syllabus. This is where the summer time of X can be utilized to get that extra confidence over these topics. But remember that as per KVPY format, you are not expected to fully master these topics as it would be expected in the next stream (12th level)
Other topics like Thermodynamics, SHM, and Waves would anyway get completed during the XI coverage.


Mental ability based questions which involve Algebra, Geometry are important.Full XI portion command is must. Quadratic Equation, Progression and Series, Permutations and Combination, Basic Geometry are important.


Full physical chemistry part of class XI is important. Class X level knowledge of Organic Chemistry is sufficient. But you need to practice questions on nomenclature and basic principles at advance level (XI/XII).

Inorganic chemistry broadly XI syllabus and general inorganic chemistry would be sufficient.


For Biology, if you are thorough with X level topics, that would be broadly sufficient. But make sure that you get to read some related topics in XI/XII if need be.

Most Importantly…

Practice, prepare and seek clarifications on  KVPY past year papers rigorously.
For JEE or NEET exams, you would see lot of application based questions and cross concept problems. Here in KVPY, more emphasis will be given to conceptually oriented questions. So, more such questions you practice, better you will be prepared. I recommend to use CONEPTREE’s free KVPY Guide for practice.
In the examination time, you need to be calm and confident since this test would require you to be in the best possible state of mind to test your conceptual clarity.


Get your acts right in XI, use summer break judiciously, seek right guidance, practice quality stuff to crack KVPY!!I hope this is helpful and I wish to contribute more through this platform.

Raghavendra S
KVPY Scholar

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CONCEPTREE Forum Team comprises of Senior Management at CONCEPTREE Learning along with Senior Faculties and Academic Counselors.

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