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Himanshu from Rohtak is a known name in NEET preparation circles for he is probably one of the guys who keeps reminding us that to be a NEET topper one doesn’t need to take Drop year. We have summarized some of his interesting views in this Interview. Himanshu got AIR 3 in NEET 2018 and currently pursuing M.B.B.S from Maulana Azad Medical College.

Congratulations on getting selected in one of the prestigious colleges through NEET. How are you feeling after Cracking NEET?

Ans- Thank you! I am really happy and overwhelmed at achieving the 3rd rank in such a competitive examination, where more than 12 lakh students were competing.

Tell us something about yourself and your background?

Ans-  I belong to Rohtak, Haryana, but moved to Delhi for 11th and 12th to continue my preparation due to the level of quality competition the city offers. Both my parents are teachers. My father is a Science teacher in a Government school while my mother teaches Hindi. I studied my Classes 11 and 12 from Convent of Gagan Bharti Senior Secondary School, Mohan Garden, New Delhi.

What motivated you to pursue medicine as a career?

Ans-  I believe that medicine is a very noble profession. I was motivated by the need to provide the less fortunate with basic medical aid which made me want to take up the profession. I have pledged to serve in a Government hospital and provide free medical care for the economically weaker sections of society.

What is your overall and subject-wise score in NEET 2018?

Ans- My overall marks are 690 out of 720. In Physics, I secured 170 out of 180 and in Chemistry, 170 out of 180. I was able to do well in both Botany and Zoology, which helped me secure 350 out of 360 marks in the Biology section.

Which other medical entrances have you appeared for?

Ans- Apart from NEET, I also appeared for AIIMS, the results of which will be declared on June 18.

Which Board Examination you have appeared for?

Ans- CBSE was my board in 10th as well as 12th.

How did you prepare for NEET 2018 and balanced the studies for boards exam and other medical entrances with NEET?

Ans- I had a clear plan in my mind from the very beginning as to how I will study for the exam. I divided my time for different chapters ranging from one to two hours per chapter. I prepared from the very beginning for the boards and NEET simultaneously so that I did not have to face any exam stress and tension.

Which factors would you attribute your success in NEET to?

Ans- Proper planning, unceasing dedication and the strong motivation that I had within me to become a doctor and emerge in the NEET top 10 is what lead me to this success.

What reference books/guides you have used for NEET preparation?

Ans- I used self made and coaching made notes mostly. If I needed to clear any doubt I referred foreign author books.

Do you believe group studies and doubt clarifications with friends will have positive impact on learning?

Ans- I had a strong desire to become a doctor which acted as a stimulant to study late nights with full dedication and concentration. I devoted 7-8 hours for self-study in weekdays and joined coaching Institute during the weekends. Most of the time during the weekends. So, it was basically this and no group studies or anything.

What has not worked that well for you during NEET preparation?

Ans- The planning which I made for preparation helped me a lot to relieve stress and complete my syllabus in time. I revised my syllabus from time to time. I made self-notes from books to understand them easily. I analyzed my mistakes regularly and worked on them in order to achieve success. So, yeah things worked out smoothly.

Which according to you was the toughest and easiest section?

Ans- The toughest section according to me was Physics while Chemistry was the easiest. Since some of the questions in Biology were asked from outside the NCERT textbooks, I would say that was a moderate section.

What are your hobbies? Did you engage in any other activities like sports/music during the preparations?

Ans- I took a break after every 3-4 hours of my preparation to relax my mind so that I can get maximum output out of my efforts. I used to watch the news on the mobile phone, watched cricket match to relax my mind.

How active are you in social media (Facebook, Quora) during your NEET preparation days?

Ans- I did not use social media much at the end but yeah initially I used to use it sometimes.

Message for future NEET aspirants?

Ans- I just want to tell them not to take the stress and begin your preparation from the very first day with full dedication and concentration to complete your syllabus in time and revise the syllabus time to time to relieve stress during the exam. Use your time well, focus more on the NCERT textbooks, give your 100 percent and do your best because if you are sincere from your end, there is nothing that can stop you from attaining your dream of becoming a doctor.

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