Breaking the Myths About IITs

Breaking Myths About IITs

It would be accurate to say that more than half of the engineering aspirants in the country, who pass out of class 12th, dream to make it to the premier engineering institutes of the country i.e. the Indian Institutes of Technology  And,while appearing for the toughest engineering entrance exam – JEE Main, it is only 2.2 lakh students who qualify and get a chance to make it to one of the IITs.

So ever wondered what goes on in the minds of students who wish to make it to the IITs? Is the number of students appearing for the entrance exam for IITs surrounded by any myths? Are they aware of some of the facts about the IITs or not?

Let’s dig around a little.


A lot of students register for JEE, but don’t end up sitting for the actual exam. One of the main reasons for this is the conception that JEE is only for brilliant students and it is an impossible exam to crack is among the biggest myths about IITs. This demotivates so many that they decide they aren’t good enough to clear the exam, so they don’t even end up attempting it. No matter what your percentage used to be in school, you can crack JEE if you set your mind to it. You don’t have to be a declared child genius to aim for an IIT. In fact, some of the most inspirational stories of IITians are of those who cracked JEE, despite an uneven performance graph in school. One can definitely emerge successful in the JEE Advanced exam with the right planning and execution,study plan, and timely preparation.


IIT,being the premier engineering institutes of the country, there is no doubt that  involves a lot of studies to be a part of it. People often think of IITs as institutions where students are under extreme pressure all the time.Students have to take unlimited assignments and surprise tests from their grumpy old professors, which leaves them with no time for anything apart from academics, killing their innovative thinking. The truth is, yes, there is a certain amount of academic pressure in IITs, which is more than other engineering colleges. But the pressure is never more than what we can handle. After all, IITians are the top 2% of the students who apply for it. They are supposed to be better than the others. Whatever pressure is there, is easily handled by the students. Students study before exams. Rest of the time is used to develop extra skills, academic or non-academic. And there is plenty of time and encouragement to do something, anything, innovative.


The fact that IITians are the highest paid when it comes to jobs and salaries drawn by them, is another myth that surrounds the IITs. The media only talks about top packages which are only offered to a few. Not all IIT graduates are offered such high salary packages. Not every graduate from IIT walks out with a job offer in hand. Recruiters who visit the IIT campuses during the placement season do not consider the JEE rank of a candidate or the academic grades secured by them while at the institute. Students have to fit in professionally with the recruiting company and are required to possess the necessary skill set to get a job. If you are not competent, you won’t get a job, whatever IIT and branch you may be in. Most recruiting companies have a very rigorous process of selection, to ensure that they get only the best. So, you see, the bargaining chip is with the companies, not with the IITs.


IIT aspirants and even parents believe that it is impossible to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced without seeking guidance from a coaching institute. While it is true that lakhs of students enroll for specialized coaching classes at renowned institutes, it is not the only way to make it to the IITs. There have been examples of students in the past who have cracked the JEE Advanced exam by preparing by themselves. Many aspirants from rural areas have cracked the JEE and proved that with a dedicated mind and hard work nothing is impossible. Also, Going to Kota doesn’t guarantee you a seat in an IIT. The one thing that appeals to most about Kota is the glowing list of toppers every coaching institute claims to have. However, the intense competition, adjusting so far away from home with no emotional support, lack of personal attention, distractions, can all deter you from the main purpose. Many alternative stress-free training models like that of CONCEPTREE Learning ( are now available for the students from across south India.


Whenever we think of IITians, we often picture them as nerds who do not have any social life. But this is the biggest misconceptions about IITs and its students. IITs are well-known for their cultural fests such as Mood Indigo – IIT Bombay, Saarang – IIT Madras, Rendezvous – IIT Delhi among others that give its students a chance to interact with others and maintain a social life of their own.These cultural fests provide IITians with an opportunity to connect to a large number of people, communities, companies etc. belonging to different sections of the society. Through these fests, students also get a chance to showcase their talent and grow their business and social network. Also, Many people think that when you prepare for JEE, you need to stay away from your social life to stay focused. Well, that is yet another myth. As stated earlier, extra study hours will only make you dull and tired. You need to take breaks and indulge in fun activities to stay motivated towards your preparation. So, do not limit yourself from watching your favorite TV Show or going out with friends; instead, treat your mind with happy things to stay motivated.

Well, now I hope your myths have been busted. It’s time to put on your running shoes and go for it.

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CONCEPTREE Forum Team comprises of Senior Management at CONCEPTREE Learning along with Senior Faculties and Academic Counselors.

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