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More Girls in IITs from this Year


Following MHRD’s mandate to increase the female enrolment to 14% in IITs, several premier institutes have registered more female students in various undergraduate programmes. The government’s move was aimed to improve women representation in technical institutes, which had more male students.

Most IITs have fulfilled the criterion and many have enrolled approximately 17% female this year. IIT-Delhi has enrolled around 143 females, which is a steep rise from last year, when the number of girls taking admission in UG courses was only 93. The increase, claim the officials is approximately to 16%. In IIT-Bombay the female registration is 159, marking 15.4% girl enrolment. In 2017, the female enrolment was 10.7%.

IIT-Madras enrolled 144 girls, which was 16.68% of female ratio. Last year, 119 female students took admissions here.Meanwhile, IIT-BHU that had enrolled 75 girls in the UG courses last year, has more than double enrolments with 146 girls (13.7%) taking admission this year, including the 77 supernumerary seats added for women.

IIT-Roorkee, on the other hand, added 68 supernumerary seats for females and total enrolment for this academic session is 148.

The special sessions conducted for girls who cleared the JEE Advanced and providing them proper counselling has helped in this rise across IITs.

“Many parents had queries regarding safety of their daughters.Most of them prefer to send their girls to metro such as Delhi or Bombay, we tried to break the notions in the counselling sessions,” said A S K Sinha, dean, academic affairs, IIT-BHU.

This year, the IITs were asked to create an additional of 779 supernumerary seats for women. Of the 779 seats, 113 seats are given to IIT Kharagpur, followed by 95 seats to IIT-Dhanbad, 79 to IIT-Kanpur, 76 to IIT-BHU, 68 to IIT-Roorkee, 59 to IIT-Delhi, 58 to IIT-Bombay and 57 to IIT-Guwahati.

News Courtesy: Times Of India

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