JEE Mains & Advanced Results – Tamilnadu


CONCEPTREE is a premier institution which is known for its strong performance in JEE Mains and Advanced Results from Chennai and Tamilnadu Centers.

Since this is an initiative by IITians who themselves cracked Advanced level/IIT-JEE, naturally students would get to hear from the best of sources about not just subject knowledge but also on what it really takes to reach there…

Every year we have been consistently getting ranks below AIR 1000 though from overall TN state itself the numbers are not quite great. The credit for this goes to Faculties and approach which takes into account one of the essential differences between rankers and good students i.e. conceptual clarity. Now a days JEE papers are mostly focusing on concept based questions and less numerical rigor so our students are getting benefited to the maximum because of it.

JEE Results 2020


CONCEPTREE Learning students demonstrated a very matured performance in JEE Mains 2020 amidst the COVID uncertainties. A total of 530 students cleared Mains with 61 students getting above 99.5 percentile and five students on 99.9 percentile.


Total 120 students got JEE Advanced Ranks

4 students below 1000 AIR.

Best Rank Ratna Prabhu- AIR 143 (OBC Cat-AIR 11)


JEE Results 2019


JEE Mains Results 2019 is a landmark achievement for CONCEPTREE Learning with 480 students out of total 604 (Regular batches) students qualifying for the JEE Advanced level. This has made the institution stand among highest success rate organization in India with nearly 80% qualifying. Best Rank is AIR 208 (Raman K)


Total 105 students got JEE Advanced Ranks from CONCEPTREE Learning

5 students below 1000 AIR from Tamilnadu out of total 30 below 1000 Ranks from the State

Best Rank Komal Kiran- AIR 245

JEE Mains 2019 Results: Students with NTA Score of 99.5 or above

S.NoNameNTA Final Score
2Priya Vardhini99.9
3Sriman R99.9
4Raman K99.9
5Anshul Gupta99.9
6Kathick Kadiyam99.9
7J Sowmya99.9
8Nitya Kishore99.9
9Raghavendra P99.9
10Lalitha M99.9
11Sravanesh J99.9
12Prashanth K99.8
13Sri Gayathri99.8
14Kannan I99.8
15Saravanan P99.8
16Loudraju Bhoopathi99.8
17Nivedita G99.8
18Avinash D99.8
19Ragalatha P99.8
20Nirvesh U99.8
21Chinna Bhoopathi99.7
22Vikas Pandey99.7
23Advaith Krishnan99.7
24Vamsi Krishna M99.7
25Ankith Gupta99.7
26Madhavi Latha99.7
27Rajesh S99.7
28Pavan Chowdhury99.7
29Lipesh S99.7
30Ratna B99.6
31Nikhita J99.6
32Raju L99.6
34Nithin Goud99.5
35Girija M99.5
36Nandhini R99.5
37Mukul P99.5
38Vishwa Reddy99.5
39Gnana Priya99.5

JEE Mains and Advanced Success of CONCEPTREEians in Tamilnadu

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