Best NEET Results in Tamilnadu

NEET Results for CONCEPTREE Learning in Tamilnadu

CONCEPTREE is an institution that has been giving ranks below 1000 in AIPMT even before mandatory NEET has started. That time 15% seats in all state/central Govt medical colleges used to get filled by the students from ALL India Pre-medical Test.

After mandatory NEET has come, CONCEPTREE was probably only institution to bag more than 90% qualifications in NEET in 2017. This is only possible because the Department of NEET then led by Mohammed sir who has 50+ years of experience and himself set the AIPMT paper.

Nearly 99% of our students  qualified for NEET 2021 with 34students getting 600+ overall CONCEPTREE across centres and school /digital programs.

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How CONCEPTREE students are getting best advantage when it comes to NEET.

  • Strong conceptual clarity on the Biology driven by AV sessions
  • No option approach that we follow for biology which makes students to solve 90 questions in 45 minutes (We train students for Fill in the blanks type format while the exam will be MCQ. This makes sure that students won’t lose time in reading answers). Most of the students who get ranks below 1000 usually follow this approach. CONCEPTREE has got this into our teaching methodology
  • Physics and Chemistry handles by IITans gives the best advantage in terms of numerical focus. Every year we will have 30 out of 45 questions in physics pure numerical and 20+ in chemistry pure numerical. Our students stay ahead of others who would be mostly strong in just theory part. This also helps our students to do well in AIIMS (where the weight-age for physics and chemistry is high and also relatively tougher level questions)

Ranks map:

We have been representing TN in top 1000 AIRs when it comes to NEET Results over the last four years


90% Qualifications in NEET

Students Clearing NEET: 380

Govt college seats: 44


95% Qualifications in NEET

Students Clearing NEET: 411

Govt college seats: 51


97% Qualifications in NEET

Students Clearing NEET:614

Govt College seats:81


98% Qualifications in NEET

Students Clearing NEET:653

Results are collated from various branches and digital programs students of CONCEPTREE, any discrepancies /missing information could be added on request of students/parents. 
CONCEPTREE does not take any responsibility for any discrepancies in information shared by students/parents and is not liable for any claims regarding results.
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