Olympiads Results

Best Results in Olympiads, NSTSE, NTSE, KVPY and other Talent Tests from Tamilnadu

“It is easy to know which of our students are going for CONCEPTREE Classes, just wait for the Olympiad results”
A Senior principal of CBSE School in Chennai Sahodaya

CONCEPTREEians inculcate the achievers culture from Foundation programs showing in the Olympiads, NSTSE and NTSE results right from 6th standard.

Some Highlights of 2021-22 Foundation Programs Success:
State toppers in NSTSE
Chennai Zone toppers in SOF Olympiads
Nearly 30+ qualifications for NSO/IMO from each class for level 2 from Tamilnadu region
KVPY selections from XI and XII (Tamilnadu Zone)
NTSE qualifications for level 2

Toppers from Standard VIII in Talent Tests

VarshiniNSTSE QualifiedChennai
SnehithaNSTSE QualifiedChennai
Vel TNSTSE QualifiedChennai
Alphonso PNSTSE QualifiedChennai
JOSHUA NSTSE QualifiedTrichy
Helen NSTSE QualifiedChennai
Aniketh ReddyNSTSE QualifiedChennai
Varalakshmi PNSTSE QualifiedChennai
Francis KIMO Level-2Chennai
SowmyaIMO Level-2Chennai
NagalakshmiIMO Level-2Vellore
ArpitaIMO Level-2Vellore
Jyothika DIMO Level-2Trichy
Arun Kumar PallavoluIMO Level-2Chennai
Nithin JIMO Level-2Chennai
Sharmila PIMO Level-2Chennai
JyesthiIMO Level-2Chennai
RagasudhaIMO Level-2Chennai
Anjali MenonIMO Level-2Chennai
SancharithaNSO Level-2Chennai
Krishna PraveemNSO Level-2Chennai
Govwrdhan ChowdhuryNSO Level-2Chennai
P SrikanthNSO Level-2Chennai
NeelaveniNSO Level-2Trichy
Nirmala KNSO Level-2Chennai
TejashwiniNSO Level-2Chennai
Ashwin KamalNSO Level-2Chennai

Toppers from Standard IX in Talent Tests

RajyalakshmiIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Gowtham KannanIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
GirijaIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
MuthukumaranIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
MeenakshiIMO Level-2 QualifiedTrichy
Nithya PriyaIMO Level-2 QualifiedTrichy
Kishore GIMO Level-2 QualifiedVellore
Samuel RIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
KrithikaIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
PriyamvadaIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Jagan NIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
JyothirmayeeNSO- Level 2 QualifiedTrichy
Srija KNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
SisugokulNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Niranjan MNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
ManigandanNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Mithuna RNSO- Level 2 QualifiedVellore
Hasna BNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Hasifa MNSTSE SelectionChennai
Paul RajNSTSE SelectionChennai
KiranmayeeNSTSE SelectionChennai
Prahlaad JNSTSE SelectionChennai
Prateesh KNSTSE SelectionChennai

Toppers from Standard X in Talent Tests

Geetha PNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Ramesh RajanNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Gowtham KNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Ramani RNSO- Level 2 QualifiedVellore
Latha JNSO- Level 2 QualifiedTrichy
Ross PaulNSO- Level 2 QualifiedTrichy
MithunaNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Mrinal ChowdhuryNSO- Level 2 QualifiedChennai
Raghavi KIMO Level-2 QualifiedTrichy
Nimisha JainIMO Level-2 QualifiedVellore
PrithviIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Pranav MIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Snigdha JIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Nandhini LIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Priya LakshmiIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
JanardhanIMO Level-2 QualifiedChennai
Priya LakshmiNSTSE SelectionChennai
RanjiniNSTSE SelectionChennai
Raymond PNSTSE SelectionChennai
MusthafaNSTSE SelectionChennai
VinayagamoorthiNSTSE SelectionChennai
Ashwin ENSTSE SelectionChennai
Latha JNTSE Level-2Trichy
Priyatham RNTSE Level-2Vellore
Ramana KNTSE Level-2Chennai
PurushothamNTSE Level-2Chennai
PriyamvadhaNTSE Level-2Chennai
NishanthNTSE Level-2Chennai
Gowri shankerNTSE Level-2Chennai
Rajesh GNTSE Level-2Chennai
HarikrishnaNTSE Level-2Chennai
Prashnath JNTSE Level-2Chennai
SridharanNTSE Level-2Chennai
Malathi KNTSE Level-2Chennai
Vipul TNTSE Level-2Chennai

Testimonials from Olympiad Toppers:

“In depth analysis of basic ideas up to advanced level helps us in excelling in tough examinations like International Olympiads”
Gopal K, International Mathematics Olympiad

“Covering topics from practically relevant examples makes us to connect with basic theoretical ideas better”
Prashanth, ISFO Ranker

“Advanced Mathematical models and techniques to solve problems in Physics helps us to achieve edge over other students appearing for tough Olympiads”
Pragadeesh, International Mathematics Olympiad

Results are collated from various branches and digital programs students of CONCEPTREE, any discrepancies /missing information could be added on request of students/parents. 
CONCEPTREE does not take any responsibility for any discrepancies in information shared by students/parents and is not liable for any claims regarding results.
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