SUCCESS Ladder Series-NEET

For the NEET 2020 aspirants

CONCEPTREE Learning presents a unique opportunity to test your preparedness and provide timely inputs to boost your NEET preparation during the final stage


SUCCESS Ladder Series is most advanced Test series designed along the lines of NEET 2020 with questions set by expert faculty team from across the country

Registered students to get FREE CONCEPTREE Digital NEET Program License

    Practice with 80% probable model questions for NEET 2020 prepared by TOP Faculties

    Test your preparedness in real-time examination environment at your convenient timing

    Full syllabus tests and part tests (optional) along with review by faculties

    2 Most Probable Tests (MPT’s) included in the package to boost final NEET performance

    Test Series is offered in two modes


    66 NEET Model Tests + 2 Most Probable Tests

    (6 Part Syllabus Tests-optional)

    Registration Fee- Rs 5,000


    35 NEET Model Tests + 2 Most Probable Tests

    (6 Part Syllabus Tests-optional)

    Registration Fee- Rs 3,000

    All Tests are conducted at CONCEPTREE Centers at the Time of Choice of students in that particular week. Detailed solutions will be provided along with the Test Series.

    Success Ladder Series-Concise Mode Time Table

    November 18, 2019Test 1
    November 25, 2019Test 2
    December 2, 2019Test 3
    December 9, 2019Test 4Test 5
    December 16, 2019Test 6Test 7
    December 23, 2019Test 8Test 9
    December 30, 2019Test 10Test 11
    January 6, 2020Test 12Test 13
    January 13, 2020Test 14Test 15
    April 6, 2020Test 16Test 17Test 18Test 19Test 20
    April 13, 2020Test 21Test 22Test 23Test 24Test 25
    April 20, 2020Test 26Test 27Test 28Test 29Test 30
    April 27, 2020Test 31Test 32Test 33Test 34Test 35

    Success Ladder Series-Comprehensive Mode Time Table

    November 18, 2019Test 1
    November 25, 2019Test 2
    December 2, 2019Test 3
    December 9, 2019Test 4Test 5Test 6
    December 16, 2019Test 7Test 8Test 9
    December 23, 2019Test 10Test 11Test 12
    December 30, 2019Test 13Test 14Test 15
    January 6, 2020Teat 16Test 17Test 18
    January 13, 2020Test 19Test 20Test 21
    January 20, 2020Test 22Test 23Test 24
    January 27, 2020Test 25Test 26Test 27
    February 3, 2020Test 28Test 29Test 30
    February 10, 2020Test 31Test 32Test 33
    February 17, 2020Test 34Test 35Test 36
    February 24, 2020Test 37Test 38Test 39
    March 2, 2020Test 40Test 41Test 42
    March 9, 2020Test 43Test 44Test 45
    March 16, 2020Test 46Test 47Test 48
    March 23, 2020Test 49Test 50Test 51
    March 30, 2020Test 52Test 53Test 54
    April 6, 2020Test 55Test 56Test 57
    April 13, 2020Test 58Test 59Test 60
    April 20, 2020Test 61Test 62Test 63
    April 27, 2020Test 64Test 65Test 66

    Topics for Optional Part Syllabus Tests

    PST-1The Living World, Biological Classification, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering PlantsUnits and Measurements & Experimental physics, 1-D and 2-D Motion, Newton’s laws, Work Energy theorem, Centre of mass and system of particles, Rotational motionBasic concepts of Chemistry, Redox reactions/ Solutions, Atomic Structure, Periodic table, Chemical bonding
    PST-2Structural Organization in Animals, Cell-The Unit of Life, Bio-molecules, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Transport in PlantsThermal properties of matter, kinetic gas theory, Thermodynamics, Properties of solids, Properties of fluidss block and hydrogen, p block (full), d & f block, Coordination compounds
    PST-3Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Respiration in Plants, Plant - Growth and DevelopmentWaves and Oscillations, Wave optics, Ray opticsGeneral Organic Chemistry & Separation techniques, Hydrocarbons, Alkyl halides and aryl halides
    PST-4Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretory Products and Their Elimination, Locomotion and Movement, Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Coordination and IntegrationGravitation, electro statics, Electric potential, capacitors, Current electricity, Magnetic effects of electric currentAlcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Nitrogen Compounds, Polymers/ bio molecules/Chemistry in everyday life, Environmental chemistry
    PST-5Reproduction in Organisms, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health, Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, EvolutionEMI, EM Waves, AC, Semi conductors and communication systemsEquilibrium- Chemical, Equilibrium- Ionic, Electro chemistry, Practical Chemistry
    PST-6Human Health and Diseases, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, Microbes in Human Welfare, Biotechnology - Principles and Processes, Biotechnology and its Application, Organisms and Populations, Ecosystem, Biodiversity and its Conservation, Environmental IssuesAtoms and Dual Nature, NucleiStates of Matter/ Thermodynamics (general), Thermo chemistry, Surface chemistry/ chemical kinetics

    You can get practice from our FREE online NEET Test Series before taking up the success ladder series

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    NEET Toppers Talk - Test Series Advantage

    Nikita Goyal – AIR 8, NEET 2017 
    Quality Practice through test series helps one to analyse the difficulties subject wise and overall that will help in revision phase

    Aarosh Dhamija – AIR 4, NEET 2018
    Developing exam taking strategy through regular mock tests is important in overall performance

    Krishna Ashish Agrawal – AIR 7, NEET 2018
    I have done lot of practice papers and corrected my mistakes. This proved to be a lot beneficial for me especially while taking the NEET exam.

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