School Tie-up Programs for JEE and NEET in Tamilnadu by CONCEPTREE Learning

CONCEPTREE School Tie-up Programs in Tamilnadu for NEET and JEE

Best School Tie-Up Programs in Tamilnadu for NEET and JEE

Searching for best NEET/JEE coaching centres with tie-up programmes? Wait no more, CONCEPTREE will not only provide strong foundation course but will also help you manage school and coaching together and achieve your goal.

While prominent schools are able to match most of the aspirations of parents/students driven by quality of teachers, technology enabled delivery and management thrust, focusing on competitive examination preparation has been a gap in the system.

Idea of school tie-up programs is gaining prominence across various countries owing to recent changes in the entrance examination patterns in India including:

  • One India-One Medical Entrance Exam (NEET) getting implemented in full fledged manner across the states.
  • Proposed Common Engineering Entrance Examination for admission into Engineering colleges across India (already approved by AICTE).
  • Thrust from IITs to make admission procedure more inclusive by engaging in special quota for NRIs, Girls along with existing quota system.

What does the school tie-up programmes with hold?

From tuition to teaching

The presence of coaching institutes in the education sector is not new. Many have made a name for themselves by excelling in providing tuitions for Board as well as competitive exams. However, in what seems to be the next phase of evolution for coaching institutes, some have forayed into formal education. While some coaching institutes have set up universities and undergraduate colleges, others are establishing their grip over areas where they have strong presence – K-12 schools and junior colleges. What has caused this shift, from being in the periphery of education to jumping right into the mainstream?

Better time management

According to Praveen Tyagi, Managing Director of a leading education institute, the venture into formal education has helped save students’ time in travelling between college and coaching. “ believes that if we impart quality education in college itself, students will get enough time for self-study leading to better performance,” he shares. According to him, in 2012, of the top 20 IIT rankers from Maharashtra 18 were from school tie up programmes and two-third of total selections in IIT Mumbai were students from the same.

Integrated education in 10 + 2

Collaborations with reputed schools and colleges and offers technical support by providing teachers and teaching material.

An educator at Conceptree says-“We felt the integrated approach was ideal for junior colleges. Our team of teachers, who are well-versed with Board syllabus as well as IIT entrance exams, work in sync and the student learns the concepts in an ideal environment,” he says. The expansion has also lead to a phenomenal growth in the strength of students – from 800 to 5,000 in a span of just two years.

Growing Trend

“Normally, when students come to the coaching centre, they come for two to three hours a few times a week or on weekends. School occupies a major chunk of their time. We thought if we start a formal education centre, we can focus on basic education and train even average students to perform well,” says Dr Anandaraman.

Performance of students

As for student performance, Dr Anandaraman proudly states that in 2012, among 600 students who passed out, 170 got through IIT-JEE, 150-170 got into BITS Pilani, 100-120 got into VITand other top engineering colleges across the country, and about 60 into top local engineering colleges.


CONCEPTREE School tie-up programs are an extension of our classroom programs. These programs follow exact pedagogy and quality of facilities as offered to our CONCEPTREE students across India. All Classes are conducted by a team of highly experienced faculties including IITians and Medicos/Doctorates in Biology.

Models of tie-ups we have in CONCEPTREE-

  1. Integrated School Model
  • The classes which we start for this model is from std VI to XII.
  • A program to give the best of learning opportunities to students within school hours.
  • Most successful training model in competitive examination coaching based on the simple idea of “One source and Better source” of information/ knowledge to students.
  • Special sections within each class to inculcate the “I Can” attitude among students. Mathematics and Science classes for the sections to be handled by CONCEPTREE Faculties.
  1. After School Hours Programs
  • A program aimed at sequential learning of school curriculum (taught by school teachers) followed by Foundation/ JEE & NEET training ( given by CONCEPTREE faculties).
  • Programs to be conducted within school premises exclusively for that school students to ensure synchronization of school and JEE/NEET coverage.
  • Coordination between school teachers and CONCEPTREE Faculties to help in undertaking comprehensive assessment of students on both the fronts.
  1. Sandwich Model for XI and XII NEET/JEE training
  • Covering each subject (M,P,C,B) for 4 hours. CONCEPTREE faculties would give this additional NEET/JEE training.
  • NEET/JEE related concepts on the topics that are currently undertaken in the school for that respective week so that students would be able to gain maximum benefit.
  1. Intensive Crash Programs
  • For Medical and Engineering, for students after completing their XII std for ONE MONTH.
  • CONCEPTREE also offers Intensive Programs targeting Olympiads and NTSE.

What do the students have to say about it?

“I want to get into a top engineering college like IIT. So I thought this integrated syllabus will help me achieve my goal” -Nathan Moniz, student at CONCEPTREE Learning

Arpit Agarwal, a student counsellor says- For JEE preparations, I strongly recommend you to join a school tie-up programme.

Reasons :

  1. By school tie-up programme you can concentrate solely on your JEE preparations.
  2. Since there is no board marks involvement, so scoring high in boards cannot be that beneficial than scoring high in JEE
  3. In general very good marks are alloted in practicals in the such schools.
  4. Most of the good (top) batches (of Kota & Delhi) are scheduled at morning. So if you opt for schooling than you will not be able to prepare for the exam at top batches.
  5. It will fetch you more time for the JEE preparation.
  6. Mostly school going students loses lot of time in doing (worthless) school assignments.

Well I would end up by saying, yes tie-up students have a bit advantage over the school going students in JEE preparations.

In conclusion I would say that, CONCEPTREE Learning programs are based on the most innovative Idea of “CONCEPT” based teaching that ensures maximum results with minimal strain on students. It provides you with best guidance faculty wise also provides you with NEET,JEE mock tests, free books etc. It has left its mark as one of the best NEET/JEE coaching centre in Chennai !

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