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Three key parts of any learning process are; knowing, assimilating and applying.

These three stages probably apply to not only education but to anything that we learn. While there has been lot of focus on ensuring that knowing part is adequately improvised from various quarters, the other two segments remain relatively untouched.

AV delivery in classrooms, supplementary video lectures, animation lessons and gamification are some of the useful ways in which the knowing part of the learning process is supplemented. Brick and mortar delivery in classrooms is supported by these alternative channels in modern age of student learning.

On the aspect of improving application part of learning, there have been efforts nevertheless which have resulted in objective tests, oral quizzes and projects etc., along with regular descriptive examinations that happen in schools/colleges.

When I met Mrs Maha Lakshmi (a student counselor and academician), she has coined a new idea of ensuring that assimilating and application parts are innovatively covered. This is not a new thought altogether but just a process of making the student to be a virtual trainer on the given topic/subject.

If we look at how a teacher or trainer would master the subject, it is through the idea of presenting his/her thoughts on the chapter or problems to an audience. In the process, trainer would not only have to improve upon the understanding of the topic but also prepare for possible questions and clarities to be provided on that idea. This would make a trainer to be prepared enough on the second and third parts of learning process.

The idea of virtual trainer model for a student is precisely the same concept but considering the operational challenges in making them to really teach. Here at CONCEPTREE, we tried a pilot project on 80 students across VI to X levels where each student is made to prepare short videos on specific concepts and subjects. We could observe the following aspects in the process:

1. The general preparedness of students has seen at least 300% increase

2. Students have reported to have cutdown the unproductive hours by at least half.

3. During the course of the exercise, students have improved the quality of questions posed to trainers related to that subject

4. There has been a 15% increase in overall performance of select batch of students in the cycle test of the following month in comparison to previous month

While the results of this exercise are encouraging to implement the same across schools, challenge lies in executing the same. We need to consider adequate mechanisms to motivate students in making these videos along with a close watch on quality of output along with specific suggestions to improve the same.

At CONCEPTREE programs, we have designed a model where each student would have to make short video on every topic that would be posted on our YOUTUBE Channel post basic checks. Based on the number of views and likes, monthly best videos would be given special prizes to keep kids motivated. Additionally, we would register the select videos for various online events based on fitment which could give the entire exercise additional traction. Along with this, a specific trainer would help students in video making/editing techniques which could be additional learning for them!!

Raghavendra, Physics Faculty

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CONCEPTREE Forum Team comprises of Senior Management at CONCEPTREE Learning along with Senior Faculties and Academic Counselors.

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