Bridge Course for 10th completed students

Why Bridge Course?

  • Students up to 10th Grade are used to certain method or format of learning which might not be so adequate for the next level (11th-12th or competitive exams)

  • This course helps students to understand the need and scope of change in learning patterns from current 10th level to meet the expectations of the next level

  • This is also an opportunity to identify the strategies that each student need to develop for next two years to achieve desired academic excellence in competitive examinations (NEET/JEE) as well as Boards.

    What you are expected to learn in the BRIDGE COURSE

    Key areas to be targeted through the BRIDGE Course

    Physics: Orientation to problem solving methods, Numerical models/formats (Formula based, relationship based, inter concepts applications, advanced level)

    Chemistry: Basics of stoichiometry, Inorganic chemistry (easy approach), Organic chemistry strategies, Problem solving skills in physical chemistry

    Mathematics: Basic Mathematics require for solving problems in Physics & chemistry- Geometry overview, Differentiation and Integration approaches and their applications, Functions and problems based on its applications

    Biology: Importance of diagrams and questions that can be asked on that, Focus on memorizing methods, Overview of things to be learnt from NEET point of view (XI and XII syllabus)

    For any further queries on syllabus details contact your nearest CONCEPTREE Learning BRIDGE Course Venue or call 9962026030

    Available Slots for BRIDGE COURSE at Branches


    Online Mode Only

    May 10 to May 22 – 2 hours per day (Total 24 hours- 6 hours per each subject M,P,C,B)

    Session Timings are : 10 AM to 11AM (Session-1) & 11:30 AM to 12:30 Noon (Session-2)


    Offered at branches

    May 24 to June 5- 2 hours per day (Total 24 hours- 6 hours per each subject M,P,C,B)

    Session Timings will be communicated by respective branches upon your registration.

    BRIDGE COURSE Venues in Chennai


    3rd Cross Street, Kasturba Nagar, Chinna Nalli Building, Adyar
    Mobile: +91 99620 26130


    No 10, 27th Street, Thillai Ganga Nagar (Near HDFC ATM), Nanganallur
    Mobile: +91  99620 26039

    Other branches/locations

    Porur, T Nagar, Tambaram and Anna Nagar.  For details call 9962026030

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    What is the Course Fee?

    This is a FREE Course for the students.

    Is attending the course going to give us any additional concession in CONCEPTREE NEET & JEE Programs?

    There is no strict criteria like that. However, we do consider the fact that someone attending this course is more inclined for the targets of JEE, NEET and give due recognition on case basis. 

    Is this course only for CBSE/State Board students?

    This course is aimed at covering the required conceptual/aptitude gaps and learning approaches of students who are moving from 10th to 11th grade. This is not specific to any board. All boards students can enroll for the course.

    What is the batch size?

    This course is aimed at providing adequate personal attention to students. We maintain a batch size of 20-25 students in line with our regular programs.

    Will you provide any books for this course?

    Yes, we will provide brief synopsis book and work book for the course at a cost.

    Will this be useful for KVPY?

    Yes, this would definitely give you the orientation for KVPY and JEE/NEET.

    Will you provide transportation facility to students?

    Transportation facility is subject to the specific branches. Please contact your preferred BRIDGE Course branch for details on this. 

    Is there any provision for hostel facility?

    We recommend our accommodation partner facilities for students coming from out-station/ NRI students.

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