Teaching Methodology

For Best results from every student in competitive examinations-NEET/JEE/Olympiads

Teaching Methodology

During an informal talk, once Einstein explained the importance of CONCEPTS and CONCEPTUAL Clarity in his own words as

“If Learning is a game, CONCEPTS are like the basic rules. A game can be enjoyed in true sense only when the basic rules are understood; same applies to learning as well”

After an extensive research on learning pedagogies and objectives, the criticality of the above statement is very evident in this modern information era. CONCEPTREE’s programs are designed based on the minimal approach to overcome the shortcomings in current education system. Our Foundation/ IIT/Medical training approach is diagonal to the traditional model (which is more about choking with higher standard syllabus in early standards, there by skimming the stronger students filtering out the weak but not actually addressing the shortcomings of our schooling system) followed by run of the mill institutions.

CONCEPTREE’s programs are firmly designed around the core aspect of learning:providing conceptual clarity, leading into systematic practice for driving desired results in competitive examinations for students of Standard XI and XII;and also preparing the students with adequate learning tools in the early standards VI to X, required to face the competition of Engineering/Medical Entrances. This methodology would enable each student to explore/improve/perform to his/her full potential.

Interrelation between learning requirements across various subjects

Philosophy of Foundation programs:

CBSE/other board curriculum is structured into segments:- Standards I-V, VI-VIII, IX-X and XI-XII. Students transitioning from one segment to the other would have to undergo restarting of their learning methods leading to fluctuations in their performance. Keeping these facts in mind and our objectives as above mentioned, it comes evident that students entering into VI standard or IX standard would be ideally placed to explore the additional support in the form of IIT/Medical Foundation Programs. But, starting in IX standard is often discouraged due in Indian Education system owing to the X Board pressures leading the students not to explore various learning methods, these Foundation programs are meant to offer. Logically deducing from these facts, VI standard is the ideal stage for an Indian student in CBSE/State Board curriculum to start IIT/Medical Foundation to meet the actual objectives.

Foundation programs would provide necessary support in bridging the gap between the expectations of competitive examinations like JEE/NEET (XI-XII) and regular X standard level outcomes. Dissecting the various aspects of learning and integrating it with our teaching approach, content development, assignments and assessments.

Foundation Programs (VI-X):

CONCEPTREE’s Foundation Programs sets forth various stages of academic learning as student objectives:
1. Knowledge: Recall/regurgitate facts. Exhibiting previously learned material by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts and solutions.
2. Comprehension: To show understanding, finding information from the text. This includes classifying, describing, recognizing and summarizing facts and ideas
3. Application: To use a new situation. Solving problems by applying acquiring knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way
4. Analysis:To examine in detail. Examining and breaking information into parts by identifying motives or causes; making inferences and finding evidence to support generalizations
5. Synthesis: To change/ create into something new. Compiling information together in a different way by combining elements in a new pattern or proposing alternative solutions.
6. Evaluation: To justify. Presenting and defending opinions by making judgements about information, validity of ideas or quality of work based on a set of self-imposed criteria

Teaching Approach:

Our classroom contact training will adopt a “blended learning” delivery model which is a fusion of the infamous/often criticized traditional delivery in schools and the famous/unrealistic in near future (Indian context) ‘Flip Class” model. Our classes start with a pre-class exercise where we use the technology of C-Tab to augment the interest and preparing the students with preloaded questions before they come to our class. Teaching by IITian faculty in our classes would deliver the concepts in Z-A approach and address the pre-instigated doubts rooting conceptual foundation. Post class mini research in the form of assignments/activities would help branching the “concept-tree”. These extended learning branches are very critical in continuing the learning process in higher standards.


Progress of students towards these objectives to be assessed on a chapter basis to enable swift intervention while the assessment cycle would resume uninterrupted. The assessment will be done in different forms to meet the various objectives we have set forth for our program.
• Structured video presentation (For details refer to our blog-link)
• Mini research article writing
• Modular written assignments
• Daily science article writing
• Competitive Mathematics/Science games (C-Tab)
• In class running notes
• “Gamified” Internal contact assessment
• Chapter summary write-up
• Litmus Tests (Assertion & Reasoning)
• Objective exams (Time bound)
• Subjective descriptive tests
• Universal standard online assessment
• Comprehensive, interview based assessment

Action verbs for the learning objectives

JEE/NEET programs (XI & XII):

Proven methodology for achieving high success rate in JEE/NEET

CONCEPTREE Learning’s methodology for XI and XII programs (JEE/NEET) would offer a comprehensive solution to meet the critical needs of the Competitive Examinations.
• IITians and Experienced subjects experts to deliver sessions
• Focus on sequential build-up of concepts/ numerical emphasis from school level syllabus to JEE/ NEET level there by instilling confidence in aspirants
• Well researched material in line with the current pattern and trends of JEE/NEET
• Learning tools like video lecture package to supplement the classroom teaching
• Continuous assessment through chapter wise tests/ weekly tests
• Self-evaluation and improvement mechanisms by using unlimited testing platform
• Phase wise evaluation to assess the progress and suggest course correction if required
• Individual support and inputs based on the specific needs of the students offering highly customized training for enhancing the output from each student
• Three pivotal feedback and monitoring system involving the key stakeholders – students, teachers and parents
• Guidance and counseling by student counsellors
• Specific tool kits and formulae booklets for mastering subtopics

Rank booster question banks and practice kits developed by senior most faculties in India

CONCEPTREE has highly customized programs for schools-