Philosophy of CONCEPTREE Teaching Model

A teaching methodology based on the core idea:

It is not the number of problems that you have solved that counts, but your level of understanding that is most important

After an extensive research on learning pedagogies and objectives, the criticality of the above statement is very evident in this modern information era. CONCEPTREE’s programs are designed based on the minimal approach to overcome the shortcomings in current education system. Our Foundation/ IIT/Medical training approach is diagonal to the traditional model (which is more about choking with higher standard syllabus in early standards, there by skimming the stronger students filtering out the weak but not actually addressing the shortcomings of our schooling system) followed by run of the mill institutions.

CONCEPTREE’s programs are firmly designed around the core aspect of learning:providing conceptual clarity, leading into systematic practice for driving desired results in competitive examinations for students of Standard XI and XII;and also preparing the students with adequate learning tools in the early standards VI to X, required to face the competition of Engineering/Medical Entrances. This methodology would enable each student to explore/improve/perform to his/her full potential.

Broad Framework of Delivery Model

  • Pre-Class (Understanding)

    Students are given specific tasks prior to the class including- watching CONCEPTREE lecture videos, reading the material and working out the material questions along with taking up CONCEPT Test. These tasks would help in getting basic understanding about the topic/orientation.

  • In-Class (Application)

    Students would get immensely benefited from the active learning - instructor led as well as peer guided. Instructors would be able to provide individual attention to students and address specific gaps in work-session model. In-class descriptive tests would be conduced to monitor the progress.

  • Post-Class (Analysis)

    Re-visiting lecture content to consolidate the concepts, practicing materials and taking up Chapter/Topic based tests on CONCEPTREE Digital to reflect on the preparedness. Student performance in these tests would be monitored to provide individual feedback/ improvement plan.

  • Continuity (Excellence)

    Excellence is only achieved by continuations efforts. Refreshing the learning process at periodic stages via phase tests and full tests is a part of continuous learning process . Students would get online/in-class to cover the gaps at any stage of the program to and excel further.

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